Our philosophy is believing in customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves in our honesty.  Our efforts are guaranteed to offer high-quality, beautiful and 100% healthy animals that have been well represented.

Before purchasing a snake from Ace of Snakes, or any other breeder, we highly recommend and encourage that you take time in researching the snake that you are interested in.  Please check out our "Care Guides" link before making a decision.   We care very much about reptiles and our mission is to promote and educate everyone with the best possible information on how to maintain their reptile pets in captivity.

Our animals are captive bred and have not been exposed to any outside elements.  We keep a feeding/shedding/breeding record on each individual snake and we also carefully and consistently monitor them.  All animals are guaranteed to be mite free, fed 4 to 5 meals, shed twice and properly sexed before purchasing.  Our animals are meticulously maintained including clean bedding, fresh water and regular feeding.  Cages are also checked on a daily basis and cleaned as necessary. All of our animals are kept in climate controlled cages which were built specifically for the purpose of keeping reptiles. 

Upon purchasing a snake, we will provide you with its genetics/feeding/shedding records.

We recommend that the new owner wait at least three days after arrival before feeding. If you should encounter a problem with the animal, notify us within 14 days of receipt and we will be happy to replace the animal.

We accept Cash, Money Orders, PayPal and certified checks.  All payments must be made in advance and must clear before we ship the animal.

All prices are subject to change.

Buyer is responsible for all laws and/or permits which may be required for ownership of animals in there state or county.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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